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Ways To Move Boats

 Fishing From Boats

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Pole, Paddles, and Oars
Long poles can be used to move a small boat in shallow water. Paddles are mainly used with a canoe, but many states require that a paddle or pair of oars be part of a boat's emergency equipment. Oars can be used to move a boat on small bodies of water.

Electric Motor
A battery-powered electric motor can be used to move a small boat slowly on small ponds or on lakes. An electric motor is also often used on boats with outboard motors. The outboard is used to reach a fishing spot quickly. Then, the electric motor is used to control the boat's position while fishing.

Outboard Motor
An outboard motor is a gasoline engine mounted on a boat's stern, the back of the boat. Outboards range from one-horsepower to large engines of 200 horsepower or more. You control small outboards with a steering handle, often called a tiller. Large outboards are controlled with a steering wheel.

Inboard Engine
An inboard motor is completely inside the boat. Inboard engines can run on gasoline or diesel fuel and are usually found on boats 18 feet or longer.

This information provided by Future Fisherman Foundation

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