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Deer Communications & Calls

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Whitetail deer communicate not only with scent but they also communicate with various vocalizations. We as hunters have heard many of these sounds ourselves. But the key to helping you use these sounds as tools is to know what sound, how much and when to use these sounds to help you in your quest for that trophy Whitetail.

During the off season you need to work on imitating some of these and by the fall hunting season you will be a master. Read the description and click on the sound button to hear an example of the call. After listening to the call click you back button to return to the list.

Non Aggressive Deer Calls

Contact Calls : This sound is a doe's way of locating other deer of her family group . This call can be used all year long.

Doe Grunt : Grunts are a doe's way of saying come here , also to call her fawns at feeding time . It is critical to keep the call soft as a loud grunt is too aggressive of a call.

Buck Grunt
: A buck grunt is a deeper pitch than a doe grunt , it means the same thing . The older the buck the deeper the tone.

Tending Grunt : As the buck chases the doe as the rut approaches he is frustrated, and makes a series of soft grunts while trailing her. It's the bucks way of asking her to stop so he can be breed with her.

Buck Bawl : This sound's a lot like a calf bawl , but it is a series of buck bleats. This signals the bucks desire for company.

Sparring : This is a non aggressive and social behaviour that all bucks do after shedding their velvet . This is when the bucks learn who can whip the other . This process does not prevent serious fights later on during the rut.

Rage Grunts : This is the sound that a buck makes during the courtship when the doe stops running , but won't let the buck breed her. It's a non aggressive and frustration call by him.

Estrus Bleat : This is the sound that a Doe makes to signal that her breeding time is near.

Breeding Bellow : This is the sound that a Doe makes to signal that she ready to breed RIGHT NOW.

Aggressive Deer Calls

Sniff : Deer make this sound to intimidate other deer and prevent fights. This call is often made by a rut- crazed buck when confronted with a rival. This sound can send smaller buck running from the area.

Wheeze : Another rut crazed Bucks sound to intimidate other deer and prevent fights when confronted with a rival. This sound can also send smaller buck running from the area.


Aggressive Rattling : This is a short aggressive rattling sequence to possibly lure in less aggressive, but curious buck, as well as the local dominant whitetail buck of the area. To make this sound like a real fight sniffs, wheezes and grunts have also been thrown in for added effect.

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