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How To Beat A Deer's Defenses

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OK! You have done it! You know where the deer are and when they will be there. You've found a funnel (deer highway) or food hot spot with all kinds of indicators that they are ready to walk right in from of your scope for a perfect shot. But you find yourself just sitting in stand with no deer to shoot at. Unless you conquer a deer's defense of smell, sound and sight (in that order) you will never take a deer this season.

The most important defense system a deer has is its ability to smell you. They smell at a level 20 times better than we humans. The thing most people miss is that you must control both your air scent and your ground scent.

Ground scent is the trail of smell on the ground and low-growing plants you leave as you walk through their home while scouting or trying to get to your treestand. A simple ounce of prevention as you tromp through the woods leaving a giant wash of human scent that lets any deer within 20 yards of where you've walked know you have arrived and when. A deer's sense of smell is so good and finally tuned that they will know the exact hour of your passing so they will be able to asses the danger you present.

Invest in a good pair of rubber boots instead of those other leather ones that do nothing but absorb odor and broadcast it on the ground as you walk. Brand isn't important, just that there is no cloth or leather on the boots to hold odors. Next before you go, spray the bottom with regular doe piss. We only use HS Scents Primetime spray bottle doe urine because the spray bottle does not introduce air into the bottle to ruin the urine. The deer urine changes its smell within 20 minutes of its exposure to air and the deer will know its unnatural. This is key when using scents during the rut too.

Use of scent control products on your rubber boots before applying the doe piss is a good idea, but don't waste your money on cover scents such as pine, earth or whatever. They can smell layers of scent and will "see" right past your cover scent. A good example of layering is the ability of drug dogs to smell dope right past ol Juan Valdez.

Covering your ground scent is just as important as your air scent. If deer smell you they won't get within a mile of you. Use of Scent Lock, Suppressant (our favorite because you can wash it without losing much carbon) or Scent Blocker is the first step to seeing deer. Combine carbonized clothing with the use of a scent killing spray and paying strict attention to the wind and you have a good chance.

Controlling scent is the number one thing you must do to see deer. If a deer hears you making a racket they may steer clear for an hour or two, but they will never get anywhere in your hunting area when they can smell you. Sound control will help quite a bit though. On a windless day a deer can here the distinct bumbling of people for a quarter mile. Do two things and the deer won't know you're there from your sound. First, set up your stands before you hunt - nothing is as unnatural as the sound of clanking metal or sawing. Second, use irregular cadence when walking into your deer stand. Avoid stepping on sticks if possible and if you do take an extra long pause. You might be mistaken for a squirrel or even a clumsy deer.

Sight control is the thing hunters have the best handle on. Just get good camo that matches your hunting environment, cover yourself from head to toe, and set up your stand where trees break up your outline. Don't forget to cover your hands with a camo or dark covered clove as well. Also don't over trim your firing lanes. Just cut enough to get your arrow through to the kill zone.

Beating deer defenses is the key to your success. Take the time to plan your defense strategy related to odor control, sound and sight and you will line up on a trophy buck more time than you may think the next time your in the great outdoors.

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