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Making a feather wreath

By: Sharon G. Boney

Used to, wreaths could be found only during the Christmas holidays. These days, however, folks decorate their front doors year round with wreaths that reflect the seasons of the year. Generally, it takes more than one wreath to span a calendar year.

Wild turkey feather wreaths are fairly easy to make, and, with just a few accessories, decorations can be interchanged throughout the year.

To get started you need:

• 1 10-inch straw wreath form

• Mix of 50-60 gobbler and jake tail feathers (make sure curvature of feathers is the same)

• 1 pencil (may need pencil to pilot holes for feathers)


1. Start with a 10-inch straw wreath form (available at craft stores) and about 50 to 60 gobbler tail feathers.

2. With wreath resting on flat base, place first row of feathers about two-thirds of way down wreath form. Place feathers about three to four inches apart.

3. Make second row of feathers about one-half inch up from first row, and offset second row about one-half inch. At this point, start placing feathers closer together in rows.

4. Make about four rows of feathers. You may want to use feathers from a jake on the top row. Feathers from jakes are shorter and help give the top portion of the wreath a fuller, layered appearance.

5. Hang the wreath on the front door. Find a bow or other arrangement to match the season and attach it to base of wreath.


When you are finished constructing your wreath, step back and look it over—use remaining feathers to fill holes as needed. Use wreath on door protected by an overhang. Think about adding feathers from the different subspecies of wild turkeys.

*Content courtesy of The National Wild Turkey Federation.

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